Educational Outreach


Our experience base includes: program development for at risk students using writing and performance as educational tools; playwriting commissions and teaching artist residences; workshops focusing on youth and educational issues;  staff training; publications; educational programming for the ex-offender, substance abuser and alternative-to-incarceration populations; and conflict resolution workshops.  We aim to show bullies how they can overcome the urge to bully, utilizing entertainment and the arts as a universal language, to reassign their minds.

If you go online to:

… you can see our NEWS PORTAL that was designed/developed for the At Risk Community, to bringing awareness to the subject of abuse. Community groups, schools and churches are being contacted regarding the availability of our services. We will teach abuse awareness through our inter-generational programs, entertainment and the arts.  Newly designed T-shirts and wristbands bearing our BAN ON BULLYING™ THE MOVEMENT logo, have been created to engage individuals in adding their personal art through color, beads, feathers, etc. in expanding discussions about bullying.  They will be made available in the Spring of 2017.