For the family, a contemporary West Side Story-like musical entitled TLC (Tender/Loving/Control), was written about two families, a high school graduating class and young love, and crafted to create awareness of the kind of abuse that might be hidden beneath kind, loving words, and hugs.  Through the storytelling, the audience will watch from up close as youth and adults of both families begin to assess issues that will allow them to rise from their conflicts and learn that they have the power to turn bad situations into good ones.

TLC’s music ranges from HipHop/Jazz/Blues /Pop/ R&B/Calypso, Latina to a Calculus Rap, and ends with Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude in C Minor (see Richter play online), performed by teenagers as a two-piano duet, in support of each other’s dreams of reaching their separate goals. The Juilliard College was instrumental in having the composition re-worked as a duet, and has remained available to our creative team.

A reading of TLC (formerly known as Accidentally Bajan) was held on June, 2012, at The Actor’s Studio in New York, with Angelica Page (daughter of Geraldine Page/Rip Torn) directing. It was since rewritten and is presently an upcoming project projected for the Spring 2017 Development Reading Series in the NYC boroughs.